The Auditory Sensory System

The auditory system is responsible for converting sound waves into nerve impulses, which helps protect us from danger and engage with our environment. It plays a big role in helping identify sounds and locate where they are coming from. The auditory system allows us to hear many sounds throughout the day as well as multiple sounds at the same time. When working well, it is able to filter relevant information and disregard irrelevant sounds.

Auditory and Visual Processing

The combination of auditory and visual processing is crucial for processing social cues. It assists us in determining changes in tone, volume and expression, while joining these up with facial expressions and body language. This sensory system is important for the development of relationships and for recognising emotions.

The main functions of Auditory System are:

  • Survival
  • Spatial orientation
  • Conscious awareness and recognition of sounds
  • Communication
  • Motor responses
  • React to novel or significant stimuli in the environment¬†¬†