The Interoception Sensory System

Interoception is the sense that provides information about how our body is feeling on the inside. Interoception allows us to experience many body sensations such as a growling stomach, dry mouth, tense muscles or racing heart. These sensations allow us to experience essential emotions such as hunger, fullness, thirst, pain, need for the toilet, anxiety and many more.

How do we use interoception?

At its basic level, Interoception allows us to answer the question, “how do I feel?” at any time of the day. Interoception also helps us to manage the way we feel, it reminds us to take action based on the body signals with are aware of.

Difficulties with one or more of the following:

  • Recognising when hungry, full or thirsty
  • Identifying when tired
  • Toilet training (daytime and/or night time)
  • Overly sensitive to pain or high pain threshold
  • Pinpointing symptoms of illness
  • Identifying emotions in self or others 
  • Recognising signs of distress as they build up