The Olfactory Sensory System

The sense of smell is also known as the Olfactory system. It is the most sensitive of our senses and helps us to identify an array of different aromas in the atmosphere. Our sense of smell is strongly linked with our sense of taste and although we are able to smell when born, the ability to distinguish between a pleasant and unpleasant odour is not immediate and our response to aromas must be learnt.

The Power of the Nose

Our nose has roughly 400 types of scent receptors and can detect millions of different odours! Smells, unlike taste, can be detected from a distance. This gives us advanced warnings about the environment and also plays a very important role in how we recognise and successively communicate with each other. Smell is closely linked to memory and experience and the subtle connection between a smell and an object or person adds to the memory.
For example, when you smell an aroma and you are suddenly taken back to a memory of a place, person or some experience!